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Reading Room

Here are some useful documents I found on the Internet that are of interest to Sahara travelers and overlanders. If you have any other useful documents or links please either email me the documents or the links and I’ll post them here.

Legal :: All these documents where either found on the internet or submitted by their authors. If you’re aware of any copyright infringements by me posting these documents online then let me know and I’ll take them offline.


Desert Expeditions
By Tom Sheppard, MBE, ARPS
3rd Edition, June 1988

1,331 kb

Expedition health and safety: a risk assessment
By Sarah R Anderson MRCGP DFPHM and Chris J H Johnson MD FRCA
Journal of the Roytal Society of Medicine: Volume 93 November 2000

102 kb
Source of Information for Overland Travellers
By Sam Rutherford FRGS
148 kb
Underwater Expedition
By Rob Palmer
3rd Edition, April 1990
63,518 kb

The American Practical Navigator: An Epitome of Navigation
By Nathaniel Bowditch, LL.D.
1995 Edition

17,319 kb

Map Reading and Land Navigation
Field Manual No. 21-26
Department of the Army Headquarters
Washington DC, 7 May 1993

11,149 kb

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