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He is not rich that possesses much, but he that covets no more; and he is not poor that enjoys little, but he that wants too much. - Francis Beaumont

4D tic-tac-toe was HARD. I don't know whether it would be hard now. Probably.
Back when we were younger we would drink "Dew Tang" which was a can of Mountain Dew with a scoup of Tang OJ mix added. And when you really needed to be high strung we would make "Nuclear Dew Tang" which was the same mix, with some No-Doze added in. Note that this mix of sugar and caffine has been found to be lethal in some lab mice. - Saxerman
The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it. --William James
Mankind is at its best when it is most free. This will be clear if we grasp the principle of liberty. We must recall that the basic principle of liberty is freedom of choice, which saying many have on their lips but few in their minds. - Dante Alighieri

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